"I wear pants with pockets."

Translation:Je porte un pantalon avec des poches.

April 1, 2018



I put "Je porte pantalon avec des poches." And the correct answer was "Je porte un pantalon avec des poches." Why was my answer was wrong? "I wear pants with pockets" could mean one pair or pants in general.
So why insist that "pants," in this case, means, specifically, one pair?

April 1, 2018


French nouns need determiners.

"Pants" is plural in English but regular in French:

I wear pants = je porte un pantalon or je porte des pantalons.

April 1, 2018


Who on earth has pockets in their underwear!

September 7, 2018


Ok, thanks!

April 1, 2018


Huh. The answer I had to put was 'Je porte 1 pantalon avec des poches'

Welp. Whatever I passed it.

April 19, 2018


Why is "Je porte du pantalon avec des poches" not acceptable? Does it have something to do with the nature of the word pantalon or an error?

April 7, 2018


No, you can't use a partitive article here, because "pantalon" is not a mass noun and you don't wear "an unknown quantity of a mass thing" when it comes to pants.

"Un pantalon" is one pair of pants and "des pantalons" is the plural form.

April 8, 2018


Nice explanation. Really helps. I actually used 'le pantalon' but your explanation helps me to understand why THAT answer doesn't work either. Thanks for your clarity!

June 12, 2018


this is so well described thank you.

May 6, 2018


I always assumed 'un' meant 'a'. I did not see any 'a' in the english statement of the word, and so did not choose 'un'. Getting mixed messages here, Duolingo

September 5, 2018


What you assumed is true, except when the English noun is always plural, which is the case here with "pants" (plural for 2 legs), whereas the French "un pantalon" is singular for "one pair of pants".

September 6, 2018


Needs to correct, April 13, 2018 won't except the sentence with or without "des". The correct sentence is "Je porte un pantalon avec des poches, wouldn't except. I then tried without des, still wrong...duh

April 13, 2018


If you take a look at the top of this page, you will see that "Je porte un pantalon avec des poches" is the Best translation.

The other accepted translation has "des pantalons" as a variants, since the English "pants" does not tell if it is one pair or several.

April 14, 2018


Why is the des needed for poches but not for pantalon?

May 7, 2018


"Pants" is always plural and can mean one or several pairs of pants.

In French, "un pantalon" is one pair of pants and "des pantalons" is the plural for more than one pair.

Therefore you can translate this sentence with either version.

May 9, 2018


Why can't you say le pantaloons for I am wearing the pants with pockets?

September 7, 2018


"Pantaloons" is not a French word. "Pants" translates to "un/le pantalon" (one pair) or "des/les pantalons" (several pairs)

September 8, 2018


I took this as a general statement requiring the definite article: "Je porte les pantalons avec des poches." Is that not correct?

November 7, 2018


It is a peripherical meaning but it is acceptable, to be compared with "je cuisine le poulet avec de l'huile" as a habit of yours. The difficulty in this sentence is the presence of a simple present and a plural object noun, whereas the French original sentence "Je porte un pantalon avec des poches" would be understood by default as "I am wearing a pair of pants with pockets".

November 7, 2018
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