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Question about how incorrect streak loss reports are handled

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People who are active in the forums probably notice that every now and then users report that their streak is wrongfully terminated. Usually they are told to make a bug report about it.

Now I've been wondering if any of these streak losses are actually caused by a malfunctioning of Duolingo or if the users are always somehow to blame for it themselves. Perhaps it could even be a combination of the two: a small error in the synchronization between the mobile and web version, something related to switching timezones or other minor issues that can easily be avoided.

If this is indeed not the fault of the users, I'm of course a bit worried this could happen to me as well, in which case I wonder how their bug reports are handled. Does their streak ever get set back to what it was? Are there specific (technical, not motivational) things I could pay attention to to avoid losing my streak by accident?

Thanks for your attention.

April 1, 2018



personally I do not expect that those streak reports in the Troubleshooting forum can be read by staff.
Who would have this much time working on new features, other software bugs, releasing new app versions, etc.?

This was one of the reasons, why the app "streak repair" function was introduced:

Are there specific (technical, not motivational) things I could pay attention to to avoid losing my streak by accident?

  • 1) Avoid the apps.
  • 2) Double / Triple check your XPs and streak data on the full desktop web portal (their online server and submitted / received XP data)
  • 3) Always have a streak freeze ready
  • 4) Set your coach goal to the lowest: 1XP (web) or 10XP (web+app)

  • 5) don't wait until 22:00pm or 23:50pm to save your streak (you better do this in the morning, in the afternoon or for the new day right after 00:00am when the day switched and your XP reset to 0XP); otherwise you too easily may fell asleep in the evenings

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Thanks for the great tips, sir. I'll bare these in mind, some of them I already do. About the reports, I meant more specifically bug reports. I've often seen forum moderators reply to the topic in the troubleshooting forum that they should create an actual bug report.


When my Android app data for taking offline lessons was corrupted, and I made about at least three re-tests with 2-10 lessons not syncing, Android app suddenly crashing/terminating and I submitted my report:

I got only the standard "auto received message" reply by DuoLingo...

Never a developer or 2nd level technical support or 3rd level backend + app developer helped with tracing and debugging those Android app issues (from a previous version) as the app does not seem to any backup of the locally stored data as well.

How shall that fix any errors in their backend or app code??

Why should a developer then even care about lost streaks "bug reports", IF the "repair streak" item has not been bought but failed to restore and the issue was more user or app-sync related?



Here is another user, Niamhwitch, who has to deal with a lost 1300 days streak: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/28346628$comment_id=28366662

She can not even see the "streak repair" item on the Android app, so she probably is in the wrong A/B test (control) group.

Her old synced daily statistics (from days before) suddenly change every single day, e.g for Tuesday.

We have seen it ourselves when the thread was started....

  • 05.08.2018 ······ niamhwitch lost a 1278 days streak 4 days ago
  • 02.08.2018 ······ niamhwitch lost a 1273 days streak 6 days ago (according to the XP history this message does not make much sense!)

Do you maybe know what the issue is with XPs showing vs lost "last streak" messages?

Niamhwitch's coach goal setting is just 10XP: https://www.duome.eu/niamhwitch


Duome now no longer says my streak is "available for repair". :-( It's very frustrating that I lost a 1278-day streak through no fault of my own. I know it's not the point of the site/app, but it's an aspect that I enjoy about Duolingo. I was very proud of that streak and it's really disheartening to experience this, especially since I'd be more than willing to pay for a streak repair (depending on the price of course) and I'd be more than willing to pay for Duolingo Plus... but I never had the option for those. I had never even heard of Duolingo Plus until this whole situation happened and it was mentioned in the FAQs... but it's not even available in my store. :-/ I'm still doing my daily lessons, but I'm very much not happy with Duolingo right now, and less likely to buy Duolingo Plus now (if I ever even get the option to buy it). :-/


I would be super upset as well. That was an amazing streak. I'm upset over my almost two years streak, but I can imagine how much worse I'd feel with a streak like yours. disheartening indeed!



From your "lost 1300" thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/28346628$comment_id=28381026

Duome now no longer says my streak is available for repair

Just to to let you know:

This happened because you restarted your streak (new active streak) and it obviously reached the "2 days" mark when I checked your offical Duolingo profile the last time.

So you got 2 x 10 = 20XP which got this re-initialize process running....

At one point (we - the community - can only speculate as it is not 100% transparent) the "eligible" variable for the last streak repair is switched to FALSE.

If you do not RESTART a streak (no new XPs, still 0day) it could be that the "eligible" variable will stay TRUE for more than only 2 days, e.g ~5 days.

I believe we have seen previous Troubleshooting threads from users were the "streak repair" was deactivated around ~5-8 days (with 0 or 1 day streak, 0-10XP).

It definitely switches reaching some concrete defined deadlines (e.g 2 or 3 days)...but only the app developers can tell you 1000% how they implemented this "display streak repair item" feature and what are the max allowed days from the last reached goal.


I probably should have written this before to you much quicker, but as you had already told us in the two threads that you can not even access the "streak repair" feature on the Android app (probably excluded from A/B test experiment) I did not find it very important to do so in time...

I hope this long detail explanation helps any other user who may run into the same problem in 2018 to react in the right way...

Congratulations for fighting your long streak back....I would have tried the same!


They're telling me that they won't fix my streak. :/


Thank you for your help! This is my bug report reference #: 1072789


Hi, I seem to be one of those users as I lost my 1006 days streak this weekend. I usually do lesson on laptop with web version during workdays and on mobile with Iphone app on weekends. I think it is about synchronization. I'm rather shocked as it never happened to me before and 1000 days is a long time. Now i will double and triple check everything. I used payment function to restore my streak but I feel very disapponted still. Hope this will never happen to me again =)


Triple check for the App:

1) Select another course in the App. Tap the flame icon to check if it still shows "You've met your daily goal"

Use the most recent Firefox or Google Chrome browser on your phone to check "You've met your daily goal":

2) by logging into your account
https://www.duolingo.com/GabrielleOHare and refresh the webpage

3) the unofficial but very useful
https://www.duolingo.eu/GabrielleOHare and refresh the webpage
The date and time listed in "Last update" is in UTC+3 instead of your local time zone.

More tips in
"Checked on your Streak freeze today?"


Thanks for this useful information!


When I was in a different time zone last month I noticed a "black hole" time period of three hours between midnight GMT and midnight local time. Any practice done in this period seemed to be credited to the following day at the time. But when I checked on the following day it was credited to the previous day. So I would say to be sure just do your practice when the local day co insides with your day at home. Also I agree with all of Thomas Heiss's tips.


Time zone issues are a known Duolingo bug. I just try to so some on both ends of travel and hope for the best.


When we see a streak loss report, we first check whether it was the fault of the user or our error (which could mean there is a bug or some other problem). 99% of the time, it is user error. A common scenario is that the user's streak freeze got used up some time and they didn't realize it, and then they think they have a day they can "relax" and not practice, but they do so without a streak freeze equipped. In those cases, we consider it the user's mistake, and writing in won't help them get their streak back.

But lately there has been an unusually high number of people who have been reporting syncing issues via our bug reports (and also some in the forum). I have been asking the forum posters to also write it as a bug report, because we are investigating this and any additional information is helpful — and we know this current problem is likely our fault, so hopefully nobody ends up losing their streaks unfairly.

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Thanks for the answer, that's valuable info. I'm very relieved that my expectation -that they're user errors most of the time- is true.


I've got a 1% case for you. I met my meager 10 xp goal everyday, and , probably due to a sync error related to using multiple devices offline, one day's work disappeared. AND, I had a streak freeze equipped (with screenshots to prove it), that disappeared without being ever being applied, and my streak was ended. And, now my new streak is somehow wrong as well.

I submitted a bug report, with some of the screenshots: 1081561.

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If anyone is reading this who ever lost a streak and felt it was incorrent, I'd like to ask this: did your streak show as if it was in fact updated? If so, did it show that on a mobile version or on a computer with a functioning internet connection?


I just got a message that my almost two year streak was gone. I KNOW that I did the required lessons, because I did Welsh and it was annoyingly difficult. (I also keep track on my daily to do list that I do Duolingo each day). I woke up to a message this morning that I could 'repair' my streak by spending money. I submitted a bug report, and I hope this is corrected. I know it's not a life or death issue,, but I'm rather upset about this.


Your daily goal is set to 50 XP.

Please, have a look at your "Daily Goal" graph on www.duolingo.com

General tips

Unfortunately, Duolingo's servers are very slow in synchronizing the data on your device and the databases on their servers.


1) Never log out Duolingo or your device before you have forced the synchronisation:

  • App:
    Select another course in the App
    Tap the flame icon to check if it still shows "You've met your daily goal"

  • www.duolingo.com:
    Refresh your browser.

2) Check the synchronisation in your unofficial but very useful progress page

3) More tips in
"Checked on your Streak freeze today?"


can this issue be fixed? I can see that yesterday is lacking in a couple points today , whereas I definitely met my goal yesterday. I was irritated because I thought that the lesson I finished prior to the last one was going to make my goal, but it didn't, so after I vigorously rolled my eyeballs, I did one more lesson to finish my day's goal XP. I do my lessons in the morning almost 100% of the time, and I didn't cross any time zones. I had greater than 50 xp by the time I finished. I did not take a screen shot, as I never once thought that Duolingo would have lost my information and not taken it into account. I've had a bit of a lag before, when going from my computer to my device app, but never has it altogether not synced up.


Pentaan, that really stinks. It's a Duolingo bug, not something that I neglected to do.


I have raised a bug report and sent a couple of Screenshots. Current Screenshot from today shows that I completed all of the work on each day. I hope that the people who look into These issues will reinstate the streak.


Please, read the comment of admin (= staff) Vivisaures in this discussion.

Moderators are not staff but unpaid volunteers, so users (like you).

That's why I can only give an advice and workarounds.


I already read that, thanks. So basically, you're saying no?


Dis they finally repair your streak? I see you have 1700+ now, so I guess yes?


Duolingo's staff say no.



Is your team aware of all the many Troubleshooting threads about suddenly wrong / switched timezones??

Is this maybe a NEW mobile app bug for a specific IOS or Android version recently rolled out, or more like a specific issue with any recent backend code changes at the server?

Sorry to bring this up here, but I am not aware of a concrete feedback or announcement from staff dealing with those timezone issues (if there was I have missed it and I would love to see see a concrete linked thread / comment id).

Not ALL people seem to be affected, but definitely more than one user!

What is going on lately???



CHANGE-REQUEST for mobile app sync: Sync button and detail window with progress bar

All the app tree and data syncronization "magically" happens somehow in the background (either when you start the app or when lessons and practices are finished).

There is no control when the SYNC exactly happens and when it has finished (there can be some noticable delay, which I experienced myself, especially with offline data (e.g "cached 10 lesson mode", Duolingo Plus OFFLINE mode).

I guess with all those issues users repeatedly run into it is finally time to request an app code change from your developer team.

Please add a new SYNC button + sync progress detail bar so a mobile app user can:

  • 1) FORCE the syncronization with the Duolingo server before they close the application or start new lessons / crown sessions.

  • 2) the user sees a detailed feedback when syncronization has finished and what exact data (diff) has arrived at the server side!

Every Java Enterprise application server with the JTA service transaction code and JTS handler e.g database driver implementation supports a two-way prepare and commit phase.

If multiple resources are part of the transaction, it either goes thru with all of the backend services, or it has to be rolled back.

3) Can't the Duolingo server signal the mobile apps what data (daily XP, streak) has been submitted and locked (=confirmation) at the server when the transaction has finished (extended user profile JSON data) and be re-displayed in the "sync screen" what the server has now stored?

4) There should be a status / log window and WARNING what locally stored app data (XP, finished skills/lessons, streak,...) has not yet been submitted - especially in online mode - to the server or could not be confirmed in the 2-way submit process.


I also lost my streak. Yesterday was still here (and no notification about losing streak) and i did my lesson. Today it was gone. And in 99,9% of the time i do a lesson on the phone app.


Just lost 200+ day streak. I had, and still have a Streak Freeze. It didn't get used up, and reset anyway.

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