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  5. "How is he?"

"How is he?"

Translation:Wie geht es ihm?

April 1, 2018



why not :: Wie ist er ?


What is the difference between "ihm" and "ihn".


Ihn is accusative, and ihm is dative.

Nominative: Er = he He is living: Er lebt

Accusative: Ihn = him The man hits him: Der Mann schlägt ihn

Dative: Ihm = (to) him I give him the ball (I give the ball to him): Ich gebe ihm den Ball


I guess, Wie ist ihm can be correct but not wie ist er!

When you ask how is he, you are asking his situation or feeling, which in this case sein verb use the Dativ Kasus not Nominativ... But I just guess!

But however, wie geht es ihm is correct.

I also guess that, wie fühlt sich er should be correct as well, if your purpose is to know how is he feeling himself.


Wie geht es mit ihm?


(literally) How is it to him?


No, literally it means "How is it going to him?" Of course, there is no point to translate it this way.

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