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'su cumpleaños' vs 'sus cumpleaños'

In one of the stories a couple of twins are having a birthday. Some of the answers to a question use 'su cumpleaños' to refer to their birthday. I have to wonder why it isn't 'sus cumpleaños'. I understand that cumpleaños can be both singular and plural but since this is referring to two children's birthdays should it be considered plural?

If not, then I'd have to assume it is the actual day cumpleaños is referring to. Thanks in advance for any help.

April 1, 2018



They have the same birthday, so "cumpleaños" would be singular. Thus you would say "su cumpleaños," just like you would say "su coche" if they shared a car.


LOL... I realize now that I'm over thinking this. It doesn't matter that there is more than one kid having a birthday. All that really matters is that it is one day we are talking about, so... singular. Like your example... one car. Sigh... still making novice errors every so often. Thanks for the help. :)


Real life test. I'm a twin and I speak Spanish and English. Therefore, when I was little, my mother would have said... Patrick and Jennifer celebrated their birthday. It is "our birthday"... not "our birthdays". It is something special to the twin relationship. It's because we celebrate it together on the same day as one event.


Great story and thanks for the input. I'm always amazed at how much we don't really think about how we say things in our native language. This is a good example. In English I wouldn't give it a second thought on using singular or plural (its obvious). In Spanish, due to the fact I'm learning it now, I'm constantly second guessing myself on simple issues like this. Then, because I'm thinking about these issues I find I'm actually learning about English as well... like how we structure our sentences and parts of speech (which I never really understood before). Loving Duo. Learning really is one of the greatest adventures.


It's a good question.

Caso 1- su cumpleaños (es como hacer referencia al evento en si, convirtiendo se en forma singular. Yo lo entiendo como si fueran "gemelos" y ambos cumplen años "el mismo día", por que nacieron el mismo día ambos)

*They born in the same day cause they are twins. Only one event

Caso 2- Pero a mi punto de vista si dices "sus cumpleaños" y si es uno minucioso seria como referirse a los cumpleaños por separado de dos personas que cumplen años en diferentes días, como de dos hermanos que nacieron en "diferentes días."

*They are only brothers and they born in different days. Two differents events

I hope this helps.


Gracias Alex para su aporte. Inicialmente, estaba pensando lo mismo. Sin embargo, todavía estamos hablando de un día y no días múltiples.

Shouldn't that mean cumpleaños is singular and not plural?

Edit Ah, just saw your edits. Yes, that is what I was thinking as well. Different days makes cumpleaños plural.

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