"We cook meat with oil."

Translation:Nous cuisinons la viande avec de l'huile.

April 1, 2018

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Is it not possible to put 'nous cuisinons de la viande avec de l'huile' ?


Yes it's just as correct, slightly different meaning (we cook some meat)


I'm bit confused ,Why do we use "la viande" since there is no "the" before "meat", for me the French looks like "we cook the meat with some the oil" ?


I agree, the la before viande seems wrong.


My answer "nous cuisinons la viande avec l'huile." I noticed it is because I did not put de in front of "l'huile" is there a rule for the uses of words like "de la" and "de" etc?


I meant to include that my answer was incorrect


In this context "la viande" means all meat that we cook, since there has not been a meat specified and it's not just some of the meat that we cook that we cook with oil, it's all of it.

And it's "de l'huile" because this means "some oil". If it was "d'huile" it would mean "of oil" and if it was just "l'huile" I think it would mean "all oil" since there is no oil specified.

If there had been a choice of oils, I think you would be able to say "l'huile" to specify your choice of oil, but I'm not positive of this.


I am equally confused. I don't understand why one has "de" in front of it but the other does not. It should either be both or neither, non?

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I had been wondered a while between "avec de l'huile" and "avec d'huile". It is NOT specified what oil is used, hence "d'huile" should be fitting here.

Can any one help me regarding why NOT "d'huile" here?


nous faisons la cuisine de la viande avec d'huile... I cannot see where I had gone wrong with this.


With "faire la cuisine" is not followed by the thing you are cooking, it regards the action of cooking itself.


Why isn't nous cuisons accepted. This is the present indicative of the verb cuire to cook, as given in Bescherelle


"Nous cuisons" implies that it is the group of you that are being cooked, rather than preparing food to cook (which is cuisiner). Cuire is used like roasting or baking.


in my "501 French Verbs" text by Christopher Kendris, cuire is conjugated as "cuisons" in first person plural


This is the verb "cuisiner".


Thanks for the clarification between "cuire" which appears in my 500 verb book and "cuisiner" which does not!

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