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Short Way to Say "Please" in French

So we're taught that the term "S'il vous plâit is please in French. This directly translates to if it pleases you which makes sense it some context. Example:

Est-ce que je peux avoir de l'eau, s'il vous plâit?

translates to:

Can I have water, if it pleases you?

This sorta kinda makes sense. But s'il vous plâit is kinda lengthy, so is there like french slang for this phrase? Is it acceptable just to say plâit?

April 1, 2018



s'il vous plaît and its singular/familiar equivalent s'il te plaît can be simplified to svp (pronounced ès-vé-pé) and stp (ès-té-pé), which are not shorter to pronounce but much simpler to write.

In slang, they may be orally shorterned to siouplé and steuplé, with the latter being much more common than the former, and in the most casual slang it may get contracted even further into steup.

But I wouldn't recommend using these slang forms, you should always stick to s'il te/vous plaît


The English "please" is just a shortening of "if [it] you please," where "please" is a third-person singular verb in the subjunctive mood, and the subject is whatever might be doing the pleasing. French doesn't (yet) shorten it that way.


No, you cannot shorten it sadly, neither is there 'slang' in the sense of everyday conversation.

With languages the hard part is, you have to learn not to translate word for word! Which is a very difficult concept at first.

In English even if it is one word, you can't expect the same in French. So, you would have to stick with "S'il vous plaît"

But in a way you could say 'svp' or 'stp'? Which means, S'il vous plaît and S'il te plaît! But thats just for texting, almost like how in English you would say,'plz'.

Hopefully this helped! :)


yes it was helpful, thank you

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