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  5. "Je n'ai qu'une parole."

"Je n'ai qu'une parole."

Translation:I keep my word.

April 1, 2018



Does an idiomatic meaning of "Je n'ai qu'une parole" make it impossible to say "I have only one word" that way? If so, how would you say "I have only one word"? I reported it as an error 01 April 2018.


It definitely does not translate to "I have only one word".

n'avoir qu'une parole is an expression meaning "my word is my bond / a promise is a promise / be as good as your word / always do what you say".

Therefore J'ai n'ai qu'une parole means "I keep my word"

See: here

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A bit of French now:

  • my word is my bond = ma parole me lie
  • a promise is a promise = une promesse est une promesse
  • you're as good as your word = tu vaux ce que vaut ta parole
  • always do what you say = fais toujours ce que tu as dit / fais ce que tu dis

Also "je n'ai qu'une parole" is also expressed by "je ne reviens pas sur ma parole" or "je tiens mes promesses".


What a nice bunch of expressions to discover at one go. Thanks.


"Je n'ai qu'un mot" is what I was asking for. Although "parole" can be translated as "word," it has the sense of promise, not linguistic unit.


"Je n'ai qu'un mot" is possible, literally, in a context like:

  • Je n'ai qu'un mot pour le décrire : génial !


Or a game of Scrabble, or charades, or a classroom assignment, or searching for synonyms.... Thanks.


I mean what I say.

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