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  5. "You cooked it, didn't you?"

"You cooked it, didn't you?"

Translation:Du hast ihn doch gekocht, oder?

March 22, 2013



What is the significance of "doch" here? Are there any clues from the English translation that would imply "doch" is to be used? I used "Du hast es gekocht, oder?" but it was incorrect


"Doch" is just an emphatical marker that Germans use a lot. I don't see any particular clues in the English sentence, too, except that, as far as I understand, "doch" is very common in German in the sentences consisting of an affirmation and a question, like this one.


It depends on the gender of the stuff being cooked. For example: "What about the cake? You cooked it, didn't you?" would be "Was ist mit dem Kuchen? Du hast ihn doch gekocht, oder?" because "the cake" in German is "der Kuchen" and it is masculine.

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