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Qn for Hindi Learners Wannabe

Any idea when the course will start to look for testers?. And if the date is going to keep getting delayed? Not against it coming late, but delaying it every time the date gets close is a bit frustrating for me.

Anyone knows what's going on?

April 2, 2018



From what I've heard, which is just what's available widely on the forums, they rather jauntily announced they had locked the tree, submitted it, and "just" had to generate some audio and then start alpha testing. Generating audio is a pretty complicated task, so that's taking more than a week to do. Go figure. They'll post something here in this discussion space (Topic:Hindi) when looking for Alpha testers.

Though honestly, if you are this easily frustrated, then I kinda think you might want to hold on for the Beta version at least, because normally when new courses come out, they are very frustrating, with lots of answers not being accepted, and bugged questions, etc. The point of the alpha testers is to patiently report all those problems so the team can fix them, which will probably take some time. So though it's great you are eager to start learning, it might not be an ideal learning environment right away, and if that is the kind of thing that could make it hard for you to stick with studying, then it might be best to give it some time.


I can second this. I alpha tested for mandarin. Long sentences weren't my friend, I can tell you that


You deserve at least a lingot for going through the Chinese alpha. I ultimately love the course, but it's had a rocky start for sure. And my caution to folks about alpha testing has come from seeing a lot of the complaints over on the Chinese module, where people seemed to dismiss it as "poorly done" when in reality it was just still being developed.

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