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Willkommen vs gern geschehen

Hey there! I'm pretty new to German and I just ran over this roadblock. I just can't understand the difference and when to use these phrases. Is there anyone who can explain them properly?

April 2, 2018



In English, you would say "you're welcome" in both cases, but the meaning is totally different.

"Willkommen" means you welcome somebody into your house, social group etc.

"Gern geschehen" is just what you reply to somebody thanking you, it means "my pleasure"


Es tut mir leid, friend. But I'm using duolingo app and there's nothing related to notes. I have also done the lesson again on this site but I have found no notes there too. Could you please explain the notes here?


Unfortunately, the grammar notes are only available in the web version


Which is one of the reasons I prefer the web version. Also, I really like the stories.

  • Willkommen = Welcome to ___
  • Herzlich Willkommen = Whole hearted welcome to ___
  • Gern geschehen= Formal way to say you're welcome
  • Bitte= lets formal and more common way of you're welcome
  • Kein Problem= (no problem) Very informal way of you're welcome

*Hope this helps :)

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Sehr gut.

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