"La fille a un livre."

Translation:The girl has a book.

April 2, 2018

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How do we know when the things are masculine or feminine?


I believe practising, repeating the word and gradually associating it with its gender is the best way. Generally, we associate words with their gender as we grow up and learn how to speak (I'm a native Portuguese speaker)... it becomes natural, with time.


wow, "a un" is a little tricky to pronounce!


Its not very announciated. Almost just sounds like un.


maybe the un belong to the book? In spanish book is masculine so being a romance language as well, Perhaps that is the case with French... If the un was before girl it might be wrong bc a girl is feminine so then it would be une... I am guessing


I keep on forgetting about those masculine and feminine forms for things!


Me too Annaliese


I still don't get it.. If "un" is for a boy/man and "une" is for a girl/female, then why is it in this sentence its "un" if "girl" is used?


Actually, in this case, the article "un" is referring to "livre", which is masculine. The pronoun which refers to "fille" is "La", also a female article, but definite.


'Un' isn't just for discussing men and boys, it's for all 'masculine' words, and 'book' is masculine.


What are the best ways to practice pronouncing "livre," "robe," or "rouge." It's a bit tricky and hard for me to make that tongue-rolling-husky voice


I use a gargling motion on the back of my throat and tighten it up when I pronounce R's. Hopefully this makes sense, and good luck. :)


Livre is spelled like liver lol


How do you even pronounce "a un livre"? "A" and "un" sound like they're fused into "an". "Livre" is kind of difficult to pronounce as well. Do you just drop the "re" at the end and say "leev"?


I havent been on this app for a long time so i dont remember much

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