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  5. "Do you recognize me?"

"Do you recognize me?"

Translation:Est-ce que vous me reconnaissez ?

April 2, 2018



how are you supposed to know if you are supposed to vouvoyer or tutoyer?


If you are trying to ask why it's "vous" instead of "tu" I have an answer. So generally we use "vous" as a replacement for "tu" when it said to a person with higher authority, a person you respect, a stranger, and especially to readers (who is basically a stranger). It is mainly a way to say "you" in a formal version. If that is not what you were asking for, well now you know.


Practically, on this course, you may choose the pronoun (and its conjugation) you like best, because we always plan for both pronouns' variants.


I used the tu form and they did not accept it.


Did you conjugate the verb accordingly, like this: Est-ce que tu me reconnais ?


Sitesurf, please explain why it is 'tu me reconnais' and not 'tu me reconnaises'?


This is the conjugation of the verb "connaƮtre" in indicative present: je reconnais, tu reconnais, il/elle/on reconnaƮt, nous reconnaissons, vous reconnaissez, ils/elles reconnaissent.

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