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"mara pong"

Translation:Mara's name

April 2, 2018



Are there possesives in Klingon? And if there are not and possesion has to be figured out from context, can that be indicated in the "Tips and Notes" section?


Good idea; I've added a paragraph to the Tips and Notes for the Phrases unit about this.

Basically, if there are two nouns next to each other (without je "and" after them), then the first one modifies the second one.

One use of this is to indicate possession, e.g. mara pong "Mara's name".

Sometimes the effect is the same as what we get in English by just putting two nouns next to each other, e.g. from bIQ "water" + bal "bottle" we can make bIQ bal "water bottle" (i.e. a bottle for holding water).

Similarly, from DIvI' "the Federation" and Hol "language" we get DIvI' Hol -- literally, "the language of the Federation", which is called "Federation Standard" on this course or simply "English". And tlhIngan Hol is literally "a Klingon's language" or "the Klingons' language" -- we call it "Klingon" or "the Klingon language".

If the possessor is a pronoun (e.g. "my book"), then we use special suffixes on the noun -- those will get introduced later. But if ithe possessor is a noun (e.g. "the name of the building; the building's name") then you just put the two nouns together: qach pong.


Thanks, that clears things up!

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