"Je n'ai pas de liquide sur moi."

Translation:I do not have cash on me.

April 2, 2018

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Just out of curiosity. I'm not a native English speaker, and I had never heard such expression as "cash on me". For me, the most logical thing to say would be "cash with me". Would it sound unnatural or even wrong?


Cash on me is more popular, but cash with me is also used quite often. (Midwest USA)


No both are fine.


Both are fine. In England we would say both. I'd also say eg I don't have my phone/purse on me. I guess 'on me' works with things you might carry on a pocket. Otherwise you are better off saying 'with me'


It's basically a short-hand way of saying "on my person."


Interesting, i wrote "i do not have the cash on me" and was marked wrong But maybe in australia we say it wrong.


It's because de liquide = cash is not defined in the French sentence. Basically:
Je n'ai pas de liquide sur moi = I do not have cash on me
Je n'ai pas le liquide sur moi = I do not have the cash on me


I don't carry cash?

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