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  5. ‘ze’ or ‘ze’ she or they

‘ze’ or ‘ze’ she or they

[deactivated user]

    I just started the Questions skill in Dutch (I’m new to Duolingo) and I couldn’t figure out how I’m supposed to know the difference between ‘ze’ in one question and ‘ze’ in another.

    The sentences I’m struggling with are:

    “Eten ze (they) geen brood?”
    “Drinkt ze (she) geen melk?”

    Is there any distinction between them?

    April 2, 2018



    The verbs tell them apart. For example:

    Ze hebben honden = They have dogs.

    Ze heeft honden = She has dogs.

    Hebben ze honden = do they have dogs?

    Heeft ze honden = does she have dogs?

    For the sentences, you gave "Eten ze geen brood?" = Do they not eat bread/Don't they eat bread? Eten is a plural conjugation for plural pronouns (wij/we, zij/ze (they), jullie).

    "Drinkt ze geen melk" = doesn't she drink milk/does she not drink milk? Drinkt is a singular conjugation (jij/je, u, hij, zij/ze, het).

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you so much! I was starting to figure it out but this clears it up, thanks!


      Also, when "ze" is the object of a sentence, it always means "them", because "haar" would replace "ze" if a female were the object.


      Ik zie haar. (I see her)

      Ik zie ze. (I see them)


      Ahh thank you for this, it has really helped me too!


      The verb tells you whether it is singular or plural (eet/eten, drinkt/drinken).


      holy moly bro you learn so many languages


      Like in english you understand the difference from the verb. She drinkS and they drink().


      Look at how the verb is conjugated. Eten is plural, so ze means they. Drinkt is singular, so ze means she. (I'm new to Dutch, too. I'm 99% that's correct)

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