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Is there a way to take someone off that is following you?

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One follower is following over 2,000 members and another is following over 300. What's the point of following so many people? It seems that sort of defeats the purpose doesn't it?

4 years ago


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I don't think you can stop someone following you - you can block them, though, so that they can't write on your activity stream (note that nothing from your followers appears on your stream unles you have followed them). However, everyone's activity stream is public, so it's not like Facebook where you can set the system so only 'friends' can see what you're doing, and friends' activity appears on your wall.

So by blocking, it's basically like blocking your phone so they can't talk to you - but your curtains are still open so they can watch through the window (like the rest of the Duolingo world, if they should happen to be so vitally interested in what you're doing). [I think that's how it works.]

I think some people follow so many people because they like the illusion of being part of a large group (so their purpose is fulfilled by following as many people as possible). Good luck to them; they're not doing me any harm. I might complain if the whole herd of them tried to camp out in my living room (or on my activity stream) but since they don't, it's no bother to me.

Personally, I only follow people who say particularly interesting things. But then, I am not a herd animal - I prefer solitude: more like a leopard. :-)

4 years ago

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Yes, I usually only follow those who help or say interesting things, or at least they take the time to give a good answer to some things. For example I just followed you because of this post =)

4 years ago


Perhaps they want to follow so many people for the competition. They may like trying to earn more EXP points than others and drives them to do more practices or lessons.

I would see it as, you are helping them. I would be glad to help contribute to other people learning another language.

4 years ago


Perhaps, but it is no big deal, IMO. It is following, not stalking. ;)

4 years ago