"Quanti grammi di burro sono nel pane?"

Translation:How many grams of butter are in the bread?

March 22, 2013

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lets be clear this is a duolingo mistake, it is on the bread as this is the english translation of the italian and our meaning is on not in. The recipe argument does not stack up sorry.

well thats my opinion


butter in bread, shakes head, what a culture!


Should be on the bread, not in the bread, surely?


No- I understood it as referring to the RECIPE for the bread. This is perfectly correct in this context (and something I often ask, actually :)


Is there ever butter in a bread recipe?


Yeah, I thought "nel" could mean "on" here as it does when referring to food on a plate?


Of course! Brioche and panettone breads have butter in them.


I would expect that, without other context, if you wanted us to think "in" rather than the expected "on", you would include the word "recipe" to point to the correct meaning.


I'm used to seeing "in" where i would expect "su/on," for instance "il cibo nel piatto."


"ya gotta love" a culture where they ask "how many GRAMS of butter are in the bread" rather than "is there any butter in the bread"? :)


Actually there is rarely butter in Italian bread recipes, and even if there was they wouldn't be asking about grams as everything is "a glass of this" and "a spoon of that" which is hard to get used to!


No butter IN bread except maybe in a cornetto. Butter goes on bread.


what's all the fuss about? Wouldn't it be sul pane if it meant on the bread? I thought this was a recipe calling for a measured amount in this recipe.


Most of us have just never heard of putting butter in a recipe for bread, but nearly everyone has put butter ON bread.

-edit- Oh, should also add that for some reason prepositions like "in" and "on" are almost never exact translations between languages, so in a situation where we would say "on," that doesn't necessarily mean they would say "su" in Italian, even though in many other cases they would use it where we would use "on." I think different cultures somehow think about the relationships between certain objects differently.


i've seen "nel piatto" here meaning "on the plate" instead of "in the plate" that i was suckered into following that pattern again and got this question wrong

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