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Words we don't teach in the course

Words we won't teach in the course for one reason or another. We will update this periodically.

  • besatt = obsessed
  • å bæsje = to poop
  • fis, en = fart
  • å fise = to fart
  • forbannelse, en = curse
  • å fornye = to renew
  • ingensteds = nowhere
  • kosedyr, et = stuffed animal
  • mild = mild
  • nærvær, et = presence
  • refleks, en = reflector
  • rådgiver, en = advisor
  • skuffelse, en = disappointment
  • snarvei, en = shortcut
  • å sverge = to swear
  • å tisse = to pee
  • veganer, en = vegan
  • æsj = ew
April 2, 2018



I know people get offended, but if you're going to live somewhere it does help to understand ALL the commonly used words, or you could find yourself at a serious disadvantage.

I recall chatting to my mother and her friend, (both French,) and eagerly grilling her chum for French slang. My mother was horrified, but I was going over to Paris regularly to sort out legal stuff and just wanted to be able to understand what people might be saying, potentially to my face!


I agree -- and therefore, I think it's great that this thread exists.

I've been following language forums for a very long time now, and I've found that people often can't distinguish between "a word or expression being discussed" and "a word or expression being thrown at them". Within a forum, this can be sorted out quite easily. These people will feel a little discomfort perhaps, but they will understand that it's totally acceptable to write these words in order to understand them.

In the course, they would be offended, and they would not have an easy opportunity to sort this out. In the worst case, they would leave the course.

So I think that putting these words in a thread is a good way of reconciling the different expectations.


I see what you're saying but I don't agree. They should be taught. They could be made "bonus skills" that can be bought at the shop using lingots, that sorts out the problem of those who would be offended since they'd have wilfully chosen to include these words.


This should be interesting.


This is great. Add more!


A little more vocabulary always helps! Thanks!


The Norwegian contributors really go above and beyond. Thanks for the list!

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