"En ce temps-là, nous achetions souvent des choses inutiles."

Translation:At that time, we would often buy useless things.

April 2, 2018

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I found this in Past Imperfect Level 0, 5/5. I thought « achetions » was something like "used to buy" or "bought", but no, it was "would buy". Any reason why this is in Past Imperfect?


A habit or repeated action 'would often buy

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I was marked correct, but cautioned "You have an extra space. At that time we were oftenbuying useless things." It wanted me to leave out the space between "often" and "buying". I could not report, as there wasn't a relevant option to check off.


''in those days we often bought some useless things''...I do not understand why this is wrong

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