Timed Practise impossible / (in Hebrew Letters)

Hi! The timed practise is a great feature, even though english is not my native language i manage well against the clock if I have to type english answers. But if the practise wants me to type Hebrew sentences, the lesson is over. From a virtual Keyboard it is next to impossible to do it in 30 secs even if I know precisely the answer without thinking. It is just mechanically like playing higher Pacman levels in the 80ies.. ;) a bit frustrating.. Anyone else with similar problems? Solutions?

April 2, 2018


Yes, the one time I tried it I had the same problem, simply because I had to change keyboards. I switched to an actual keyboard ( I was on mobile before) and I will try again, but not until i get all my skills golden, and also hopefully by then I will be able to touch type Hebrew, because I have an English keyboard. I almost forgot, it takes hardly any time at all to switch languages now.

April 3, 2018

It's not impossible, it's just difficult. It takes time and practice; you're learning not only a new language but a new writing system. When you are further along in your studies, you will be able to deal with timed practice better.

April 18, 2018

So what could be done about it? maybe roman letter questions only in languages with different letters at timed practise? even in english you have to be a super fast writer. if your Hebrew typewriting skills are the same you would'nt need to learn the language anymore...

April 3, 2018

Typing skills don't mean you do or don't have more to learn from a language, especially if it's blind typing. I don't know what to do about timed practice, like I said before I've only done it once. However it does seem to me to be somewhat optional, a way to measure how fast you are, not an essential part of the course.

April 4, 2018

yes you're right. it is optional and it could make it much more fun to learn, if... anyway it helps learning a lot because if limits the time your brain has to answer, like a simulation of a casual conversation where your partner is also expecting you to answer within seconds, unless it is a language teacher. but because of the complicity and ambiguity of the alephbeth i guess (type)writing skills tell a lot about your progress of learning and understanding this language. so if you are fluent in hebrew type writing maybe duolingo will not be what you need to proceed ;)

April 4, 2018

The only reason I am learning to blind type Hebrew is because I don't feel like paying for keyboard stickers lol and it has made me much slower when doing lessons. But I'm sure you're right about the speed test helping. I've just never been able to do it because external factors make it impossible. It is too bad they don't do an English section and a Hebrew section for the people on mobile where it takes too much time to switch keyboards, but then maybe it wouldn't be as helpful of a test.

April 4, 2018
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