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  5. "Vedo una coppia."

"Vedo una coppia."

Translation:I see a couple.

March 22, 2013



Does this only apply to a "couple" as in a man/woman or 2 people romantically involved? Or would it also be a "couple" as we would use it in English- to mean "about 2" in quantity of anything? grazie!


"Coppia" is a lot of things. It surely works for two people in love with each other, but also to a pair of something, mostly living things: you're less likely to hear "una coppia di viti" as it's most used the translation of pair "un paio di viti" to say "two bolts", for example. But you can hear it for example in poker or card games in general where it's used "coppia di re" as "pair of kings".

Another time when the word "coppia" is used is when referring, in physics, to torque, which can be translated both as "coppia" and "momento" (there is a difference, but it's the same as the english torque vs. momentum). For example when talking about engines the word coppia is the most used "la coppia erogata dal motore"="the torque delivered by the engine"


The coppia = torque thing is ... really weird? The English word "torque" comes from the Latin "torquere", meaning "to twist", and I would've assumed that Italian would get its equivalent word from the same source. The more you know, I guess.


noctuatacita, in this case the torque power is called coppia motrice, because it's about the moment when the force of the combustion in the cylinder coming down vertically from the piston transforms into the rotating force of the crankshaft. So my understanding is that the torque is the power of the two working together. So the coupling of them. (I'm no engineer)


Very interesting explanation. Thanks


Under the title of measurements, I guess it applies to both.


always apply for a woman and a man. So far...but the story continues.


Both, as in the Flirting unit, there is a "Siamo un buona coppia" (or something like that) which means "We are a good couple".


I've seen "coppia di cani" to mean a couple of dogs, so I think both.


Does anyone know if this means specifically a "pair" of things. As in a set of two, or if it means "just about?" any takers (:?


Slowed down this really sounded like un and not una, even though I know that would be wrong.


and i want them dead


Why is it "I see" rather than "I watch"?


I think "I watch" is 'guardo'.


But I'm not in it. Damn.


Why is "I see" rather than "I can see"?


I first thought it would be "i see a copy", but I guess it's a false cognate


Similar to Spanish "copia" which means "copy", but Here is couple.


Copy is copia with only one p. Like capello and cappello, double letters are important, and their pronunciation too.


If anyone can follow to get my next badge I'd be very grateful!


Se vedo una coppia, I could be seeing a copy just as much as a couple. Now if it said "vedo una coppia che si bacia" I would never think it's a copy. But without any context it's hard to know what it is...


Ends of words missing


she says UN copia....

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