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Why did some of my earlier lessons/sections start over?

I noticed a change in Duolingo in the last few weeks where "Strengthen" has been replaced by "Test Out", which I asked in another post. I also see that they have reset some of my earlier lessons/sections to the beginning where subsequent lessons or locked out until the preceding one is done again. I can only assume that someone decided that starting over from scratch is better than strengthening. This seems rather unintelligent because once we have gone through the lessons of a section, we only need to refresh/review, rather than starting over. Especially since the way this is set up Duo starts taking away your progress and undoing your icons showing you completed a section when you have not been on for a certain amount of time. Going through and refreshing through the strengthen routine was a good refresher and quicker than having to start over! Is this a problem with the system? If not can someone explain why starting over from scratch is a better way? Are these decisions based on valid proven research on education and teaching and learning methods?

April 2, 2018



You got the updated French tree.


Here's the announcement; it's stickied to the top of the French from English forum: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/26726755


Hi - I looked at that link trying to find a link to some kind of "manual" or instructions about this @#$ new version, but I could not find anything. It seems incredibly, stu... uhem.. shall we say inconsiderate, to force this new version on people and add insult to injury by not having a well documented explanation of everything. Will someone please tell me how and where I can at least get all the information to understand how this ridiculous, unprofessional version works? Thanks!

I just stumbled onto something in the help section about crowns. It looks like they might explain a few things there. Did they write any kind of document that goes over everything???

I went back to the course and now my percentage completion has disappeared. Are they going to change something every other day as some kind of stupid game? Arrggggg! This is extremely irritating!


You might want to post this in troubleshooting.


Sorry....you are right....I keep forgetting you have to post then go back and edit just to get it in troubleshooting..... :)


When I use the laptop I get "strengthen" on the table I get "test out". I like having to go back and re do some areas

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