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"Her weapons are real weapons."

Translation:nuHmeyna' bIH nuHmeyDaj'e'.

April 2, 2018



Can weapons use language?



That's why they use the general plural suffix -mey, not the capable-of-language plural -pu'.

As for the possessive suffix, there is no distinction for possessions capable or not capable of language if the possessor is third person -- we have -wIj, -lIj; -maj, -raj versus -wI', -lI'; -ma', -ra' for first and second person singular and plural, but -Daj; -chaj for third person singular and plural with no corresponding *-Da'; *-cha' suffixes if the possession were capable of language.


The pronoun should be bIH, not chaH.


Ah, of course. I completely overlooked that bit of the sentence.

I've "removed" this sentence and replaced it with a version that uses bIH.

[deactivated user]

    that depends on the weapon you speak of

    [deactivated user]

      why does she have real weapons?

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