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I've been learning Japanese , its very interesting language for me , though i can't learn it correctly its frustrating for me sometimes , its my dream to know it but i can't remember it right as i learned , is there any tips for learning more efficiently ?

April 2, 2018


What have you tried so far? What has worked/not worked for you? What part(s) of Japanese are you struggling with the most?

There are many ways to learn a new language and the best way depends on what works best for you. Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

I recommend trying out a few different methods to find what fits with your style of learning. If you need more structure, get a Japanese textbook, like Genki or Japanese for Busy People, and follow along with the book. If you need more motivation, try an app like Memrise or LingoDeer that use gamefication to reward regular study. If you struggle with pronunciation, try adding in audio lessons, like those on JapanesePod101. If you can't figure out all the kanji, try using a kanji-focused website like Wani-Kani or Kanshudo to improve your kanji.

It's a very good idea to keep a notebook and write out the words you have learned so you can check back later and study. If you don't like writing, there are various options, like Tiny Cards and Anki, for making your own digital study flashcards.

Something like "真" , "食" these kind of unusual , i can't keep them in my brain to remember

If some Kanjis confuses you, then you can create a deck of these Kanjis in Anki (a free program for flashcards).

Writing is very, very important. A way of learning that's very efficient for me personally is using sites like tangorin to find example sentences that use the same grammar pattern but different vocab/tenses/etc. Write those down, highlight new words, make flashcards if you like those, and pay attention to how the sentences are different/similar. For example:

写真を取らなければなりませんか? 夕食を作らなければいけないの?

Both use a double negative + provisional construction to mean "Do I have to/is it necessary" but one uses なる while the other uses いける. They both use different particles to indicate a question (か vs の) + one is polite while the other is not. This way, just by writing down two sentences, you've learned the provisional negative form, double negatives, なる and いける and any words that are new to you. And, obviously, writing it down helps in general since Japanese doesn't use the Latin alphabet.

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