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"Nous achetons du café du Cameroun."

Translation:We buy coffee from Cameroon.

April 2, 2018



The female voice is really off on this one, it sounds like she is saying "Camereau un" as if there was a "Camereau deux" if any such thing even exits! She does it every time Cameroun comes up. Is there any way you guys can fix that?


Sadly, no, because the TTS is provided to Duolingo by a third party and it seems that some words have never been recorded.


Yes. Cameroo one. Odd indeed. Cameroon is a large French speaking country too.


I translated this as 'We are buying some Cameroon coffee'. It was rejected as incorrect - why? And if it is wrong, how would I say, 'We are buying some Cameroon coffee', in French?


The adjective is Cameroonian (camerounais) but even with this correct spelling, you would not translate the name of a country to a nationality adjective.


Please Sitesurf would you explain why - I buy some coffee from Cameroon - is incorrect? I am struggling with this.


The subject is "we/nous".


I mis-typed there - my query was as to why SOME coffee was rejected?

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"Du" is a partitive article. Many people mistakenly plug in "some" whenever they see it. It is not really correct. See here: https://www.thoughtco.com/du-de-la-des-1368977


'We buy Cameroonian coffee.' should be accepted, no?


You said "Nous achetons du café camerounais.", which is a different statement to what they are asking.

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