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"Il y a de grands parapluies rouges."

Translation:There are large red umbrellas.

April 2, 2018



Why de and not des in this sentence?


Whenever you have an adjective before a noun in French, "des" becomes "de."

de petites pommes, de jeunes filles, de beaux garçons...

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Wooooh! Duolingo really really like red color things!

May I ask if red is the favorite color by the French people?

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I see. They are not even close to red, but like the variations of the blue in French flag.

Thank you!


I always get confused by when you put the adjectives vs the noun in french. Here we have adj + noun + adj and I have no idea why.


transcription is tricky when the partitive de is followed by adj. You set up for a singular and the added "s" is not really pronounced to my bad ears


Just keep in mind that if it is singular, you will hear un/une + adjective + noun, not de. ;-)

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