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"chIrghvam chenmoHmeH HommeyHey lo'lu'pu'."

Translation:In order to build this temple, they have used what appears to be bones.

April 2, 2018



Not HomDu'? Or are they understood to stop being body parts once they start being building materials?


They might be trying for "bones scattered all about." When you use -mey on a body part, it gains a "scattered all about" connotation. But you can't use this completely literally; it appears to be a poetic construction.

There appears to be another error here: when you've got a third-person, plural object and an indefinite subject, you need the verb prefix lu-.

The corrected sentence should be:

chIrghvam chenmoHmeH HomDu'Hey lulo'lu'pu'.

I'd go so far as to make the subjects of the two clauses match, though it doesn't appear to be required of a purpose clause:

chIrghvam chenmoHlu'meH HomDu'Hey lulo'lu'pu'.

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