iOS app broken down and I give up

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This last week iOS app hasn’t been working. It just doesn’t register lessons done, doesn’t give rewards, and has used up many points in buying new Streak Freezes I shouldn’t need! I’ve reported this bug, but it’s still there. Today I thought it was better but I had to do 4 lessons to register three, got no rewards and it then removed today’s efforts. I’m doing the Italian-English reverse tree.

4/2/2018, 4:29:37 PM

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Sorry to hear you've been having problems with the app.

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it? It sounds like you may have some connection issues, sometimes when the app cannot connect to the internet it can't sync progress properly and can cause you to lose streaks and progress etc.

You might be better posting this in the troubleshooting forum where someone can help you out get back on track :)

Good luck!

4/5/2018, 7:44:16 AM
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