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  5. "torgh nuqneH?"

"torgh nuqneH?"

Translation:Torg, what do you want?

April 2, 2018



bit of deja vu here, but shouldn't there be a comma after "torgh" since it is a vocative? Otherwise I think this could translate as "Do you want Torgh?". If I'm wrong, well, always knew I had a flat forehead.


Wouldn’t “Do you want Torg” come out as “torgh DaneH’a?” ?


Michael is right. nuqneH cannot be interpreted as if it was a verb. It is an exclamation and cannot take an object nor subject (and so can't take a prefix either). Thus, even without a comma, this can only be interpreted as a vocative and an exclamation. But Gondrembor is correct that we should have put a comma after torgh for consistency in how we are presenting this course. One of the Gold Mods should be along shortly to take care of that.



And thanks to Gondrembor for the report!


I just came across this sentence (in the "pronouns" skill, lesson 4) today. Need to get rid of some places where it's presented in review, or does it just require more time to update?


I don't know the pattern under which "deleted" sentences keep appearing as zombies, I'm afraid. I hope that a bit more time may help.

Are you using a mobile app? If so, then (stop doing that, but) waiting for an app update may possibly help.


No, I'm on web (Klingon isn't available on my Android app, afaik). No worries, was just checking!


You say "done", but I don't see a comma after torgh?


We are unable to edit already existing sentences This sentence has been deleted and a new one with a comma has been added, though the old one might still be encountered for a while until an update is pushed out..

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