"May I know who you are?"

Translation:Puis-je savoir qui vous êtes ?

April 2, 2018

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Puis je savoir qui êtes vous? not allowed, any ideas why?


so in french, in a question, we only switch the subject of the sentence (Je, in this case) with the main verb (Puis, (pouvoir)) and the rest of the sentence is the complement.

The sentence in a neutral form would be like:

Je / peux / savoir qui vous êtes

Subject / verb / complement

The sentence in a question form is:

Puis- / je / savoir qui vous êtes

Verb / subject / complement


I did the same and would like to understand how this type of sentences should be constructed. Thanks.


Can't you use connaiser? :/


Connaître means more along the lines of personally knowing someone/something, vs savior which is to know of someone or something.

Here is a helpful article on the difference: https://www.frenchtoday.com/blog/french-vocabulary/savoir-versus-connaitre-the-verb-to-know-in-french


Je peux and then Puis-je . I am having trouble understanding puis and not peux, can someone please explain


That change only happens with that specific verb, in that specific tense, with that specific pronoun. Peux-je really doesn't sound good, so it is only for a phonetic purpose. It is an exception


thanks so much, very helpful

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