"Guten Tag, wir beginnen!"

Translation:Good day, we are beginning!

April 2, 2018

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Why could the answer not be “good afternoon” why does it have to be “good morning” or “good day”? I thought guten Tag could mean good afternoon?


Guten Tag is "good afternoon" "Good Morning" translates into "Guten Morgen." I am extremely peeved.


Would "let's begin" use a different verb tense, then? I used that instead of "we are beginning" and it was incorrect.


That would be an imperative mood: beginnen wir.


"Good afternoon" for Guten Tag should have been accepted. Reported 30.01.19


why isn't the verb second here? there was another exercise that was along the lines of "Am Montag, beginnen wir" and this one doesn't feel right.


That's a separate clause, not a dependent clause.


Usually doesn't the verb go in the second place, but because the Good day part is a clause on its own the "we are beginning" is like its own sentence?


How is Guten Tag not hello? How literal are you people?


oops. I accidentally put in 'Good morning' and was surprised when it marked it correct. Is this sometimes used for good morning?


Guten Tag can be: Good day/afternoon/morning!


'we are beginning' sound so non-ideomatic to me ? Doer anyone actually use it in this context? Are there any native speakers out there ? I would have written or picked ' let us begin' if there were such an alternative. 'Lass uns anfangen' would sound bettter in German, too, though, so maybe I din not really grasp the correct siuation, but the '!' mark rules out a ''describing' intention IMHO, so...


Good day, we begin! Is also correct and has been treated as such in Duolongo over many past similar lesson situations. Why is it suddenly wrong now?

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