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  5. "I have two dishes of rice."

"I have two dishes of rice."

Translation:J'ai deux assiettes de riz.

April 2, 2018



I do not know why this is not du riz, the du replacing de le. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3635153/When-to-use-du-or-de does not seem to address this matter.


For compound nouns with the structure:

noun + preposition + noun

the second noun, connected to the first noun by a preposition, doesn’t usually have an article. Typically the second noun adds information on the material, content or purpose of the first noun.


une montre d’or - a gold watch
une maison de brique - a brick house
une boîte d’argent - a silver box
une tasse de café - a cup of coffee
une guide d'ordinateur - a computer guide
une histoire d’amour - a love story
une salle de bains - a bathroom
un verre de vin - a glass of wine
une boîte de chocolats - a box of chocolates
un accident de voiture - a car accident
un compte en banque - a bank account
un litre d'eau - a litre of water


a cheese sandwich is un sandwich au fromage

Use à when the food is made with something that can be taken away without destroying it - as a general rule, you can translate it as "with."

la soupe à l'oignon - onion soup
une tarte aux pommes - an apple pie


My problem, too! Anyone know?


Me, too. Why not "du riz."


Why not assiettes instead of plats?

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