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When do I use "pintura" vs. "cuadro"?

During the last lesson (Arts: lesson 4) Duolingo used "pintura" & "cuadro" interchangeably. I looked the words up in Google Translate and "pintura" is painting and "cuadro" is picture. Now I'm more confused. Help!

April 2, 2018



Well as far as I know, "pintura" can also be simply "paint" so refers to "painting" as "a picture with paint on it". However, "cuadro" can refer to anything that appears to be a (rectangular, let's say) picture, not necessarily made from paint. Perhaps a drawing or artistic photo or something.


pintura = painting. It is both a verb and a noun, and it tells us that the method used is painting.

Cuadro = a framed picture (or just a frame).

It will be a matter of preference which word you use, as there is some overlap in their meaning.

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