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"Après sa mort, nous avons ouvert son testament."

Translation:After her death, we opened her will.

April 2, 2018



since death is la mort, how are we supposed to know whether it is his or her death


"Will" would be a better translation, here in US English. Testament is rarely, if ever, used outside of the legal community.


Accepted now. Incidentally, in the UK often heard in the phrase "Last will and testament"


Legacy of having two languages going at the same time, norman french for nobility, what the non-nobles spoke (which has temporarily escaped my mind. Anglo saxon?)


My family traced their ancestry to the French nobility of the 1700's, I could ask them, but it's probably faster to Google it, yeah?


Why is "After his death, we opened his testament" not correct?


I've never heard of "opening" a will. Usually you "read" a will. But Duo isn't accepting that translation. What do you all think?


The last will and testament is a legal document usually kept in a sealed folder. In many cases the attorney breaks the seal and opens the will for a formal reading.


As far as I can see there is no way to tell whether this is his or her without more context so perhaps in English it would be better to use the gender-neutral 'their' instead?


So someone close to you died, and you never knew their(!) gender? Use either "his" or "her", not "their".


Why is "ouvert" singular. It is obvious that they are a group of persons to open it?


Ouvert can be an adjective, when it would have to 'agree' with the noun it is describing, as you say, but in this sentence it is acting as the irregular but unchanging or invariable past participle of ouvrir with the present of avoir in the perfect tense of the main verb: *j'ai ouvert / il a ouvert / nous avons ouvert * etc


So, not "After her death we will opened her," then? Damn. Wrong again.


This not a future act.


Says will on my translation.


'Will' is the normal UK term.


This seems to be a very literal translation. After someone's death, the will is "read".

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