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  5. "Le perroquet dit bonjour."

"Le perroquet dit bonjour."

Translation:The parrot says hello.

April 3, 2018



Did not accept "hi"


Agreed. "Bonjour" and "Salut" may not be interchangeable in French but "Hello" and "Hi" absolutely are in English.


Bonjour also means good morning


Or literally 'good day' it just is used for good morning a lot because it's the first greeting of the day.


What is the word for parakeet in French ( also known as budgies, budgerigars)


This fascinates me. If I assume that the parrot only imitates a sound, berift of meaning, then I think that I would leave "bonjour" as it is in the english translation. And place it in double quotes. Contrairly, if a computer were speaking the sentence, I would translate "bonjour" to "hello". This because the computer is functioning at the level of meaning, whereas the parrot is, I believe, functioning at the level of sounds.

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