"Je fouille dans mes dossiers."

Translation:I am searching in my files.

April 3, 2018

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what is the difference between chercher and fouiller? Can anyone tell me? Merci in advance


"Chercher" is simply to search. While "fouiller" means to dig through or rummage through while searching for something.

When you go through a security check, "Ils fouillent vos bagages." (they search your bags) And then "Ils vous fouillent." (they frisk you).


chercher is transitive, and fouiller is not.


"Fouiller" is transitive, too. But the object of chercher is the thing you are looking for, while the object of fouiller is where you are looking for it.


Common usage in the US ... 'I am looking in my files' ... has the same meaning to us ...


Is there a difference between "fichier" and "dossier"?


"Un dossier" --> "a folder" or "a file folder"' "un fichier" --> "a file"

And these are the terms used in computing.

So "un fichier" --> ataripong.exe "un dossier" --> C:\Program Files\Atari\Pong


Why is it 'dans' . Cant i say je fouille mea dossiers


It is only a variation. One may say "I am searching IN my files" (dans mes dossiers) or "I am searching my files" (je fouille mes dossiers). "Dans" is not required to make it a valid and natural sentence.


Does "I am searching my files " and "I am searching in my files" mean same thing?


Yes they do mean the same thing in English, in general. Although I know some people who use "in my files" only when physically searching (as opposed to searching files on a computer).


What does searching in my files have to do with Transportation?


Because of the type of searching involved. The verb "fouiller" usually implies rummaging through something with your hands to look for something, and that includes searching bags and checking a person for weapons, or frisking them. So, if you stand around a security check point at an airport you will see a lot of the French verb "fouiller" taking place.

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