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"Digital photos are large files."

Translation:Les photos numériques sont de gros fichiers.

April 3, 2018



I still don't get why I need the 'de' in some of these sentences. It doesn't belong with the verb in this case I don't think.

April 3, 2018


In English we can say either "large files" or "some large files". The "some" part is optional in English (and often omitted) and it is mandatory in French. It is "des" immediately before a plural noun, and "de" otherwise, e.g. before a plural adjective. "de" combines with "le" to become "du", and "les" to become "des". Both contractions are mandatory.


I don't understand either, would some kind person please explain?


It's similar to sentences earlier in the course like 'les canards sont des oiseaux' or 'les cheveux sont des animaux'. The only difference here is that because there is an adjective in front of the noun, 'des' becomes 'de'.


I can't figure out any rationale on why "grands fichiers" is incorrect here. What's the difference between "grand" and "gros"? Or do you just have to learn the idiom?


digital in this context should translate as "digitale" not "numérique"


I was meant to write the same thing.


If we are talking about digital files in general, then i believe it should be accepted with both 'les photos' and also 'des photos'


I could have sworn that the spoken example ended with "des fichiers gros"


Why does it have to be capitalized

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