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"Tu veux inviter tes parents ?"

Translation:Do you want to invite your parents?

April 3, 2018



Aren't parents also relatives in french


I'm sure, when I have used parents in a sentence rather than relatives, Duo said that I should have used the word relatives instead. This is confusing!


Why aren't the verb and subject inverted, since this is a question?


This is a typical informal form of asking a question. You raise your voice at the end of the sentence to indicate it's a question.


There are many ways to ask the question:

  • Tu peux inviter tes parents ? (in spoken French)
  • Vous pouvez invites vos parents ? (in spoken French)
  • Veux-tu inviter tes parents ?
  • Voulez-vous inviter vos parents ?
  • Est-ce que tu veux inviter tes parents ?
  • Est-ce que vous voulez inviter vos parents ?


You mean "Tu veux inviter tes parents ?" "Vous voulez inviter vos parents ?"


"You want to invite your parents?" should be accepted as an English translation.


I agree. Questions in English can sometimes be posed by voice inflection, just as in French, though not perhaps as frequently.

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