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How Alpha Testing Works

I did the Alpha Testing for the Chinese course awhile ago and this is how it went.

The first thing that happened is the Chinese team put a post on the General forum, so it wasn't a specific subscription. I don't remember 100% what the forum looked like but there was a link which led to an almost survey-like thing. On this, you put your user and some stuff about you etc. I will tell you though that if you are someone who doesn't keep a streak and never really went past level 5 in a language, they won't want you. However, you do not need to be concerned too much about not getting into the Alpha Testing. If you have proven you can work on a language and that you want to do the Alpha testing you will probably get in (then again, how many people get accepted is up to the makes of the course, for all I know this could be exclusive)

If you get accepted into the course you will receive an email whenever. I got my Chinese acception about a week after the applications came out, but to my knowledge, I was one of the first 15 to be accepted so I don't know. The Email will tell you stuff like how to sign up with the new course and etc. How the Chinese one went is we were asked to download this app called Testflight. When you download the app you can add a new app by putting in a code and this code will be sent to you in your acception email. I think I got ahead of myself, on this app you will be downloading the new version of Duolingo which will have the Hindi course in Beta on it. Once you download it, it will change your Duolingo and you will be able to use the Hindi course! Having the update version only lasts for 90 days though, this however is not a problem since Alpha testing doesn't last that long.

The last paragraph I shared with you only pertains to apple products as far as I know. It might be different for android. Another thing is alpha testing is technically only on phone, so if you don't have one, you can't participate. However, when doing the chinese course I found the Chinese course in my languages so, I don't know what the deal will be.

Okay, last informative paragraph, hopefully, this wasn't too hard to follow. This paragraph is about your job as an alpha tester. Your job is to try to go through the course as fast as you can and as well as you can and try to see any mistakes in the audio, typing, answers, wiggle room, etc. To do this you will be given an email in your acceptance email and you simply just email them along with reporting the mistakes while on the course if the option is given.

If you have any more questions just comment and I will answer. I will not show any images of the emails I have received though since I am not sure if that is something I can do. Have a good day :)

April 3, 2018



Also, if you test, get ready for some real frustration. You'll be suprised the sheer number of translations there are for the most mundane sentence, and the one you choose /isnt/ the right one. only alpha test if youre super patient.


So.. this post was just to inform potential alpha testers about what to expect?


Yes and a very informative one ;)

I want all the info I can get on ANYTHING to do with the Hindi course, I'm tooo excitedddd about it


And more how it works, since I have noticed people confused in the forums :)


Awesome! I was clarifying to make sure you that was it. Inside I was hoping that you knew the contributors or something and were making this post to tell us that alpha tester applications were open. =P


Didn’t you agree not to divulge any details about the testing process when you signed up as a tester?

You could be penalised for breaking that agreement.


Nope. The agreement was not to share screenshots or information before the official launch, we have been past that point for about 4 months I think.


I think this is really important (have a lingot!) because I have seen a lot of people complaining about the Chinese module, saying it "wasn't good" when they had just jumped in to it too soon, and were impatient because it was still working out the kinks. I'm excited that everyone is interested in alpha testing, but I really hope that everyone thinks carefully about when the best time to start learning is for them. If you start out with a bad or frustrating experience that isn't temperamentally suited to you, then that can really set your language studies back.


Thanks mate, really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how it all works!


Thank you for this information!


No problem, thank you for being an active member, I see yo helpful everywhere. If you are old enough I think you should be a moderator, I am willing to nominate.

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