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Possessive Pronouns and Indefinite Articles (-ein words)

I posted a question like this yesterday but have since deleted it. I think the question was too involved. I am going through the possessive pronouns lesson 1 of 2 and am not getting why the following words end the way they do.

Deine Kinder essen - does "Dein" end in "E" because the noun is plural, or because of the case type or both.

Sie ist meine Frau - this is not plural yet the pronoun ends in e

Deine Jungen lesen eine Zeitung. this is more complex.

Meine Kinder Schlafen

Deine Katze - this is one cat?

I am pretty sure that when a noun is feminine it causes the "dein" word (or sein, or mine) to change its ending. but there are other things i cant figure out.

Just really hoping some super German grammar people can clear this up for me. every time i think i have this figured out, yeah I dont.



April 3, 2018



Meine Kinder: because it is plural Meine/Deine Frau/Katze: because it is feminine

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