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  5. "Tu brûles."

"Tu brûles."

Translation:You are getting warm.

April 3, 2018



Is "You're on fire." correct?


It is impossible to determine from the audio which form of "brule" should be used. In this "sentence" context is no help, therefore both options should be correct or the sentence should be removed or replaced with one "fit for purpose"


Would "You are warming up" not be an acceptable translation?


No It is only used as an interjection in a game (as it is in English). For example:

Vas-y, cherche les œufs de Pâques. Oui, par là, tu brûles. Ah, maintenant, tu refroidis…
"Go on, look for the Easter eggs. Yes, that way, you're getting warm. Ah, now you're getting cold..."

https://www.wordreference.com/fren/Tu%20br%C3%BBles https://www.wordreference.com/fren/Tu%20refroidis%20!


Ok, thanks! I was confused, because out of context this seems to indicate a change in actual temperature.


Je pense que c'est: "Tu te chauffes".


The audio is horrible. I played it over at both speeds several times but could never figure it out. It definitely had a long e sound at the end...clearly it shoukdn’t have had any vowel sound at the end; it should have been “l” that was heard. And, there was no way to figure out what the first part of the word was.


confused by missing consonant 'b'.


Another exercise had "brule" translated as "cant wait" but its not accepted here. Any good reason? Thsnk you


Oui, c'est possible. Larousse dit que Brûler peut signifier: Être enflammé d'un sentiment très vif, du désir de faire quelque chose : Brûler d'impatience. Brûler de combattre. Dans certains jeux, être sur le point de trouver : Tu y es presque, tu brûles ! Le contexte résoudrait le problème mais Duo ne le fournit pas.


Ummm What does this mean? Since "You are warming up is wrong?", "You can't wait is wrong?", and "You are burning is wrong?".


The audio seems to say, Tu "coolee" How is Tu brules (brool) not pronounced?


"You Burn", not an answer, seemed like it would be a possibility because I get the impression Brûles=Burn


Peut-être que ce serait: "Tu te brûles."

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