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Klingon Phrases Practice

This question is just a matter of elimination....only one of the multiple choices has the name Torg in it.


April 3, 2018



Yeah, most of the multiple-choice questions are like that. They're kind of useless. I get the feeling they're randomly generated rather than curated to reinforce the actual point of the lesson.


That is indeed correct: There are "hand-crafted" multiple choice questions, but I believe they usually show up with radio buttons, rather than checkboxes; all the checkbox questions I've seen have been randomly generated.


I think you're thinking of the fill-in-the-blank questions, where there can only be one correct response -- but the choices are just one word or a phrase, not an entire sentence.


That's correct; the multiple-choice exercises with three sentences are automatically generated.

If you know about Klingon capitalisation, then spotting the oddly-capitalised word in the middle of a sentence can also help you find the odd one out.

But even in languages where capitalisation is not significant, you can often compare the sentences and see which bits are similar and which bits are different and find the correct one that way, without understanding a single word.

They're miles away from what a good teacher could create.

But a lot easier to automate....

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