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"in today's world"

What is the German translation for "in today's world"? Google translate says - "in der heutigen Welt - but since "Welt" is feminine why is it not "in der heutiger Welt"?

April 3, 2018



"In der heutigen Welt" is correct. As a native speaker of German I'm not sure about the rule, but I assume a feminine noun in dative case with a definitive articles ends on -en.

An alternative translation would be "In der Welt von heute" - no adjective declension needed :)


This post might be enlightening.


The feminine forms are heutige, heutige, heutigen, heutigen. Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ, Genitiv, respectively.

After prepositions indicating position you use Dativ.


OK, thank you for that - it is dative. Clearly the website I used to check it is wrong as it gives the feminine cases as heutige, heutige, heutiger, heutiger. https://www.verbformen.com/declension/adjectives/?w=heutig


But also, I'm not all that clear that "in today's world" is a "position" in the true sense of the word "position" - to me it is more like "a time"?


Further research reveals there are "strong declensions" (adjective on its own), weak declensions (adjective after the definite articles, der , die das, and others), and mixed declensions (adjective after the indefinite articles, ein(e) and others like mein(e) and kein(e). Who said German is not complicated?


yep, adjectives are complicated. But most of the time you use the weak declension, or the mixed declension, which is very similar.

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