"Le nouveau pont va être en béton."

Translation:The new bridge is going to be made of concrete.

April 3, 2018

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"The new bridge is going to be concrete" should be accepted -- it is both a literal translation and common English.


Strange. AFAIK, one of the key differences between the adjectives nouvelle/nouveau and neuve/neuf, is that while "neuve" is used for something that is brand new, "nouvelle" usually indicates that an existing thing has changed and turned into something new. To me, this bridge definitely sounds like it's brand new. Even if it isn't, I would expect the following to be a valid translation:

Le pont neuf va être en béton.

(the other key difference is that "neuve" is placed after the noun, while "nouvelle" is placed before the noun)


There are inconsistencies in this sequence of questions whereby ..either X. is made of.. Y or X is Y .... is randomly accepted and rejected. Please review acceptable answers!


"The new bridge is going to be made out of concrete" should also be accepted.

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