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Real life translations?

What's happened to the real life translations - are they no longer available? They dont show on my page as they did in the past

March 22, 2013



Hi. You can get to them from the tab at the top.


I think I'm missing something...? When I click on the Translations tab I get taken to the page with the lists of articles but can't see where to go from there...


Can you click on the articles? Those are the translations.


Right...it's just that the old "Real world practice" button took me straight to an untranslated sentence at my language level - a much better system. Now i have to search through articles for incomplete simple paragraphs and it's a bit discouraging.


Yes, I am a bit lost, has been a week since I logged in to practice and everything is different! o.O A little update or announcement of changes and intentions would be good! (To help me work out the best way to use the material). I can see the benefits of focussing on the entire article - that is how I would do my individual sentences to try to capture context, but I noticed quite a few translations offered by others which were literally correct but not correct in the context of the article. Current set up is daunting at first glance, but I will have a better gauge on it after having a go.

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