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"Mi perro duerme encima de la cama."

Translation:My dog sleeps on top of the bed.

April 3, 2018



When would you use 'encima de' and when 'sobre'. And can't 'en' also mean on in some cases?


between "sobre" and "encima" I think that Spanish behaves like English. You can say "My dog sleeps on the bed" or "My dog sleeps on top of the bed". Same meaning. And Yes., in Spanish, we can also say "Mi perro duerme EN la cama", which can also mean "on the bed" ... however Spanish then introduces ambiguity if you use "en" since "en" can also mean "in" or "at"... As in any language, if a chosen word is ambiguous, the speak would choose a way to remove that ambiguity.

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Encima de really means "At the top of". Encima del techo means at the peak of the roof, whereas sobre el techo means anywhere on the roof.


Would "encima de la cama" then mean "at the head of the bed"?

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Encima has a more vertical connotation, on top of or above. At the head of the bed would be en la cabecera de la cama.


Accepts "My dog sleeps on the bed."


Me typing it: My dog sleeps on top of the bed.

Answer: My dog sleeps on top of the bed.

You used the wrong word....


"My dog sleeps atop the bed" not accepted; is there a nuanced difference between "on top of" and "atop?"


I'd say it's correct, but rare. Atop is used to imply perched, or to emphasize being at the very top of something. So "dog sleeps atop the bed" has a comic effect; the dog is huge, and the bed is small; or perhaps the dog went to some trouble to get there.


Why not "my dog sleeps over the bed"?


Shouldn't it be....a reflexive verb like sentar...as the dog sleeps and is performing the action on itself?

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