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"Mi perro duerme encima de la cama."

Translation:My dog sleeps on top of the bed.

April 3, 2018



When would you use 'encima de' and when 'sobre'. And can't 'en' also mean on in some cases?


between "sobre" and "encima" I think that Spanish behaves like English. You can say "My dog sleeps on the bed" or "My dog sleeps on top of the bed". Same meaning. And Yes., in Spanish, we can also say "Mi perro duerme EN la cama", which can also mean "on the bed" ... however Spanish then introduces ambiguity if you use "en" since "en" can also mean "in" or "at"... As in any language, if a chosen word is ambiguous, the speak would choose a way to remove that ambiguity.

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Encima de really means "At the top of". Encima del techo means at the peak of the roof, whereas sobre el techo means anywhere on the roof.


I must be learning some Spanish because I actually UNDERSTOOD what you wrote. LOL!! OH, and thanks! That was a very good explanation.


Would "encima de la cama" then mean "at the head of the bed"?

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Encima has a more vertical connotation, on top of or above. At the head of the bed would be en la cabecera de la cama.


Accepts "My dog sleeps on the bed."


Nobody should accept a dog to sleep on their bed, or do anything there for that matter...


Shouldn't it be....a reflexive verb like sentar...as the dog sleeps and is performing the action on itself?


Why not "my dog sleeps over the bed"?


In the previous sentence ' El gato duerme encima de la silla' was translated as 'The cat is sleeping on top of the bed'. But in this sentence 'is sleeping' is replaced by 'sleeps'. Shouldn't it be 'is sleeping'? Are they the same thing?


Either is acceptable.


I have just said this sentence with a crazy accent and it worked! But when I try and say numbers I am always wrong


I agree with your comment about numbers - Duo NEVER accepts how I say them, even easy ones like uno, dos, and tres.


Any reason this sentence wouldn't mean the same thing without encima?


Is it really such a big mistake if I write "on THE top of the bed" instead "on top of the bed"..is this THE really so important in this example


Why 'duerme' is used?


It's the correct conjugation of "dormir" (the subject pronoun that could replace "my dog" is "he/she/it" )


But isn't 'me' the subject pronoun for ME, not he, she, or it? Wouldn't it be duerse?


There is no English "me" or Spanish 'me' in this exercise.

The subject (person or thing performing the action) is "dog"/'perro'

The verb form 'duerme' does not contain a pronoun. The verb used here is 'dormir' which is a stem-changing or irregular verb.

There is a different reflexive verb 'dorimerse'


Thank you so much! I've still got a lot to learn about irregular and reflexive verbs!


I wrote "My dog sleeps on the bed" it was not accepted. I cannot imagine, how it can be "on top of the bed", where is the top of my bed?


You have typed a sentence into the forum that has a match in the list of Duo's Correct Solutions for this exercise, and without seeing your screen I can't offer any reason why Duo rejected it.

If possible, please capture a screenshot to share with the user forum so that we can try to see what went wrong.

[GUIDE] How To create, upload, share a screenshot (using postimages.org)


For now, at least be assured that your translation here in the forum is good.


Perhaps it was the 'type what you hear'-type of exercise? Or does that one's 'discuss' button lead to a separate topic?

I know I get bitten by those a lot; leaving me stumped for more than a few seconds after the 'wrong!'-horn before realizing it wasn't asking for a translation.

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