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"It is starting to interest her."

Translation:Začíná ji to zajímat.

April 3, 2018



Why is "Začíná to ji zajímat" wrong? Also "to" likes the second position I thought.


Yes, "to" is one of the words that likes to be second... but so does "ji," and I believe that takes precedence. You might find this document useful (see especially section 6, Clitics). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czech_word_order


Does it only sound strange for Czechs "...to ji..." instead of "...ji to..." or is it the worst grammar error ever?


It sounds like something weird that a native speaker would never say.

Is Yoda speak just strange or a grammatical error in English?


Apparently word order rules in Czech language are more strict than i imagined :). Maybe it's my fault, i always compare the sentences to Polish grammar and for us there is no difference and weirdness in "...to ji..." and "...ji to...", both versions are proper


The correct English answer provided is in the passive voice, I think "She is starting to be interested in it" is correct and "it is starting to interest her" is not.


Well, both sides are in passive voice. For active the czech sentence would have to be "Ona se o to začíná zajímat."


And how does this translate Kacenka? The same?

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