XP Points

The XP points should be awarded to your account no matter what you do. like if I do a few tiny cards then a story then that should come up on my general dulingo account. or it there a way to combine them that I don't know yet?

April 3, 2018

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You get XP for stories as long as I know.

I seem not to... after going through some stories (ES[EN]) I did not have more XP in my profile than before?!

PS: I think, I figured it out... all those XP went to my 'lower leveled' Spanish course with English base, so I did not see the XP in the profile grow, where only my higher Spanish level with German base is shown.

I get 2xp with every right answer in a story
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As mentioned in the other comments, you indeed should get XP for stories. Tinycards is a bit tricky, I think this doesn't give you any XP/lingots/streak/... because there's a too wide variety of decks on Tinycards because anyone can create decks. Many of them are also not related to languages, and Duolingo's XP count is still supposed to show your language progress after all. People could create very easy decks and repeat them over and over to gain XP quickly, while not learning anything at all.

Perhaps XP could be linked to Tinycards, but only for 'official' decks made or approved by Duolingo staff and moderators, and only for language related decks of course.

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