"Elle a écrit ses mémoires en sachant qu'elle allait mourir."

Translation:She wrote her memoirs while knowing that she was going to die.

April 3, 2018

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In English, "while" and "that" are optional.

She wrote her memoirs(,) knowing she was going to die.


In fact, the inclusion of "while" is quite odd here.


There are many awkward English sentences in this new upgrade. Wow!


Exactly this. Completely stupid to fail for want of a that when the resulting sentence is still grammatical


What did you type precisely?


Alternative translations drop the "that" and "while".

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I'm often fascinated at the similarities between two languages when "exceptions" are used in the same way. In this case we have "that she was going to die" using a past tense (imperfect) of "to go" to signify something that will happen in the future. In French the same thing is being done. I would guess that the conditional could be used in both languages to convey the same thing: "that she would die" or "qu'elle mourrait", but I don't know if this conveys a future action in French as it implies in English.


It implies that she wrote her memoirs (past) while knowing she was going to die (she knew this at the same time she was writing and it implies that the death happened sometime after writing her memoirs in both the French and English).


This use of imperfect to mean the future confused me also. I still don't get it.


Memoirs =memories in English


"she has written her memoirs" not acceptable?!


I can see that you use the word "memoirs" in English as a translation of the french "mémoires".

Not native speaker here. Please, could anyone tell me how do you pronounce that word (memoirs) while speaking English? Thanks!


I use forvo.com when I have questions about pronunciation, and I really like it because you can hear a lot of different native accents.

Here is memoirs.


Hello Commeunetexane! Thank you very much for your help, I am going to use «forvo» whenever I need

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