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  5. "My step-brother is kind."

"My step-brother is kind."

Translation:Mon demi-frère est gentil.

April 3, 2018



According to duolingo, the translation for demi-frere is both half brother and step brother. Is this correct? Does French not differentiate between the two?


My problem is that Duo is highly inconsistent with what the terms beau-frère & demi-frère mean, especially where, as here, there is no context whatsoever.

Without context, beau/belle- can indicate either an in-law or a step-relative. Without context, demi- can indicate either a step-relative or a half-sibling. Since there's no other way of telling, Duo needs to get it's act together and decide what each means when context is lacking.


Why not beau-frere?

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